Golcha Associated is synonymous with Talc in India.

Golcha Associated is India’s leading mining company for Talc-based specialty mineral products. We operate in the country’s single largest Talc Mine and have access to some of the richest deposits of the mineral in the world. Today, backed by our ability to re-engineer methodologies, we are challenging traditional mining practices in India and delivering world-class standards of Talc to our customers.

At Golcha Associated, we maintain our position as industry leaders by ensuring reliability, high productivity and smarter solutions.

High Quality Reserves
The Group has over 24 million metric tons of reserves, which can be explored over a long period of time. With an annual crude extraction volume to the tune of 300,000.00 MT, from the finest talc deposits in the world, we are the pioneers of talc mining in India.

Our mines are spread across three mining zones covering an area of 514 hectares in southern Rajasthan. Together they account for an annual production of 2,00,000.00 MT. The crude from these mines is renowned across the world for its purity and brightness.

World-Class Technological Expertise
At Golcha Associated, the entire mining process is highly systematic. We initiate the process with a geological survey of potential areas of reserves to draw an estimation of quantities. We then engage controlled blasting practices using the most advanced equipments for mining and later transporting the ore of different qualities separately for sorting to the stockyards.

Grinding of Talc is done through state of the art technology including High Efficiency Jet Mills, Hammer Mills, Pulverisors, Classifiers and Compactors; thus ensuring consistent quality in terms of particle size distribution, optical properties and rheological properties.

Unique Feature of Golcha Associated Talc are:

  • High whiteness & brightness
  • High purity
  • High lamellarity
  • Free from Asbestos and heavy metals
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