Associated Soapstone Distributing Company Pvt Limited (Golcha Associated Group) grows through innovation – creating new products, pioneering new technologies, providing solutions to customers and enabling processes of tomorrow. We practice the fundamentals of R&D – with deep root long expertise, imminence capabilities, huge potential to grow and networks that are unparalleled in the industry.

The Group uses jet mill for producing all kind of micronized high brightness, high purity & high aspect ratio Talc products. Through this specialized milling concept, product grinding is entirely autogenous. Compressed air jets alone create the grinding energy. No internal tool wear occurs. An integrated dynamic air classifier in the jet mill can be adjusted to get the desired particle size distribution to cater customer requirements. This guarantees exact adjustment of the grinding parameters and reproducible product quality in term of brightness, particle size distribution etc.

From raw rock to pure powder form, talc is processed through a number of elaborate processes. A state-of-the-art production procedure is adopted to pay close attention & monitor mining, technology and safety. The process begins with the delivery of Talc rocks to the raw material gantry for further size reduction. Thereafter, chemical composition is analyzed to adjust quality parameters for the final blending of raw materials. Through pneumatic conveying, raw meal is stored in raw meal silos. This is followed by extremely fine talc being grinded by Jet Milling, 100-700 mesh & BD products by pulverisers and compacted products by compactor. Then the Talc is filled in paper/PP bags/jumbo bags through auto packing machines. This procedure concludes with the product being stored in final product silos.

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