Talc is a very important functional filler in putty made of unsaturated polyester, e.g. for car and truck bodies. It is used here in proportions of upto 60% by weight. Thus, the quality of the putty ingredient “talc” has a significant effect on putty performance.

Key Attributes of our Talc:

  • Soft and Pure Talc
  • Controlled Low Oil Absorption.
  • Low Viscosity
  • Least amount of Acid soluble Contents.

Improves Sandability:
The softness of pure talc leads to good sandability of polyester putties. It gives high-quality surface finish after sanding operations.

Pot Life:
The pot life is adversely affected by the content of soluble contaminants. Golcha Associated Talc exhibits the least content of soluble HCl and offers the longest pot life.

Low and Consistent Oil Absorption:
By means of double air classification, oversize particles and fine dust are removed. The lack of very fine particles results in talc products with low oil absorption. This enables the formulator to use less resin, which is both economical and environmentally friendly. This unique combination of properties has made Golcha Associated talc the most popular products for polyester putties worldwide.

Adhesion and Elasticity:
The highest elasticity is achieved with talcs of low oil absorption. At the same time, their lamellarity increases the adhesion to steel substrate.

Viscosity and Filling Level:
Narrowly controlled particle size distribution ensures reproducible paint viscosity characteristics and enables high filler loadings to be achieved. Viscosity and filling level depend on the surface area and structure of the talc particles. Double classified means that the product has passed through two air classifiers, which remove coarse particles in the first step and ultrafines (dust) in the second step. The reduction of fines means that more talc can be added without increasing the viscosity.

Our Recommended Application:

  • Automotive Putty
  • Wall Putty

Our Products for Putty Application:

  • PG 150
  • PG 50
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