The game of Contract Bridge has had a chequered history in India.   Compared to the countries of Europe and America, competitive Bridge made a very late start in this country.  Indian tradition has had a strong prejudice against card games and has frowned upon them as an addiction to idleness.  This prejudice has, unmistakably, contributed to the slow progress of the game in the country and to the indifference it has encountered from the Central and State Governments alike.

The Golcha family has traditionally been sports loving.  They have provided partronage to sports in their own low profile way.

Apart from bridge, a game which has a very special status for them, they have generously assisted other sports also.  The various district, state and National level association of Cricket, Tennis, Billiards and athletics have been benifited from the voluntary assistance of Golchas from time to time.

Of course the Rajendra Golcha Memorial Bridge Tournament is popular amongst bridge players across in India for the level of competition it offers, the well oiled organisation & conduct of the tournament and above all the hospitality of Golchas.  But apart from this the group companies also sponsor their empolyees to participate in all the major bridge tournament in India.

Another sport, high on the priority is Squash.   Shri Vikram Golcha, scion of the Golcha family is himself a keen player and follower of the game.  Recently he has taken up on himself the job of popularising the game in the state of Rajasthan.  The efforts have started giving results with all the players and other concerned persons getting together to form a Rajasthan Squash Rackets Association.

This mega event generates immense enthusisasm in all the players and their sympathisers.  Each event is marked by great competitiveness in true spirit of sportsmanship.

In fact, the importance being given to sports in the group companies is just a manifestation of the ledger corporate philosophy which believes that the well being, growth and development of each individual of the society is a must for National and organisational development. 

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